Clean Your Glass Stovetop


Cleaning your glass stovetop can be a royal pain.
Here is a quick and easy trick that will make cleaning it a whole lot easier!

If you don’t take care of it, you’ll get unsightly build-up along with scratching, pitting (tiny chips, craters or dents in the glass) and that can lead to cracking, which means you need to replace the stovetop ($$$).

Tools you’ll need:

Microfiber cloth – this is used at the end to buff the stovetop dry.
Sponge – make sure it is clean and ONLY use the cellulose (spongy) side.
Bowl with hot water – Fill the bowl half way with hot water.
Dish liquid – You need a couple tablespoons, add to the hot water and stir.
Tea towels or rags – Use a few and make sure that you can cover the entire stovetop with the rags.
Baking soda – used to sprinkle over the stovetop.
Paper towel – used to pick up any outstanding debris on the stovetop before you get going with the tip.
Rubber gloves – the water gets really hot, no need to burn yourself.

Here are the steps:

Never, ever do this on a hot stove.

1| Add hot water to the bowl. Pour in dish liquid.
2| Place rags in bowl and agitate gently, mixing the soap in the water and getting the cloths fully saturated.
3| Sprinkle baking soda over the entire stovetop.
4| Wring out the rags half way; you want them to be wett-ish so that they can activate the baking soda and loosen the build up.
5| Let this sit for 15 minutes. If you have really bad stains, try leaving it for a few hours, adding water to the stovetop as it dries out. You want to keep the baking soda moistened.
6| Remove all but one rag. Begin at the top of the stove and wipe clean in an ‘S’ pattern.
7| Take soft part of the sponge and run under cool water. wipe up any debris or work out any tough stains with the sponge. If you encounter something really challenging try using a SKrAPr (we are obsessed with them). Don’t even think about a razor blade, it’s super dangerous and you will almost certainly scratch the stovetop.
8| Finally, take the microfiber cloth and buff the stovetop to a dry shine. You may want to add some glass cleaner at this point if you are getting a lot of streaks.

Voila! Gorgeous!

Remember to clean the stovetop after each use so that you never face this build-up issue. It can get so bad if you leave it, you are continually re-burning food on to a glass surface. It looks horrible too!

Good luck!


  1. Best cleaning video I’ve seen! I have that exact same stove, so I will be trying that. Thank you, especially for making it fun!

  2. Need to know how to clean off things that have been on for awhile – Sister tried to clean when it was still hot – boiled pasta and left marks on stove top – tried the special cleaning that they have for glass tops but it is not working – Please help –


  3. I knew I’d find instructions for cleaning the glass of the cook top in my new condo. But I noticed that your glass stove top is a solid color, black. My cook top has what looks like white paint spatters all over it. They aren’t actually spatters and don’t raise above the glass. They are just part of the glass. I’ve been assured that this just how it is supposed to look but I need some reassurance. Have you seen this type of thing before? Would it need to be handled differently? I appreciate any info you can give me.

    I’m a big fan of your YouTube videos and this website.

  4. it is very important to keep the bottom of the pans very clean. Any fat or grease left on the bottom of the pan will burn onto the glass top.I hate electric stoves, but I try to live with it, since I have no choice.

  5. There are several variations of this. It will work on a lightly soiled area if you can get to it shortly after the damage occurred. My stovetop mess got out of control and it is baked on pretty good. I am still looking for a solution.

  6. Last night I dropped a microfibre towel on a hot area. The towel immediately began to melt and to smoke. Afraid of a fire, I doused it with cool water. Today, it seems somewhat fused to the stovetop. There are edges, like on a scab, that can be picked at, and what isunderneath, so far, seems okay. What’s the best move forward?



    • You are lucky the glass didn’t shatter. Don’t do that again. Next time try putting a pan cover over the area and turn off the heat.

  7. Melissa I mean I have grease o my stove top for ten years can you help get it off tell me what I need and what to do thankyou

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