Holiday Cleaning Tips

Holiday Cleaning Tips

Cleaning tips to help you keep your sanity during a very busy holiday season.


12 Days of Clean: Safe & Quick Broken Ornament Clean-Up

Crack, shatter, damn. Alas, small breaks do happen and even the most lovely ornaments, light bulbs and even glasses are prone to breaking.  So if...

12 Days of Clean: Eliminate Winter Boot Messes

Day 2 | Eliminate Winter Boot Messes I recall a brilliant family member who hosted our annual holiday party each year at her lovely home.  Because...

12 Days of Clean: Pre-Guest Tidy in 10 Minutes

Tidying vs. Cleaning There is a difference you know.  The divisible line is whether something is being cleaned (i.e. dirt removed, spiffed) or simply tidied...

12 Days of Clean!

I know you'll love watching and using these tips as much as we loved putting them together. Day 12: Holiday Stain Removal! What a great party you’re...

A Guide to Removing Common Halloween Stains

Who doesn't love Halloween...nothing is better than getting free candy, right kids? As an adult - I still love Halloween because now I get to...

12 Days of Clean: 4 Sneaky Places to Deodorize

 Carpet Knowing you have guests coming in a few days, plan ahead and deodorize or steam clean your carpets. Carpets are like sponges- they absorb...

12 Days of Clean: Cleaning Holiday Decor Messes

Tis’ the season when glitter, tinsel, and holiday trees invade the homes of thousands. But what do you do when the glitter and glam...
clean oven spillsvideo

12 Days of Clean: Cleaning Up Oven Spills!

If you are cooking for the holidays, I want some. Send me a care package. We always complain that we eat too much but it...
Clean Your Bathroomvideo

12 Days of Clean: Five Minute Bathroom Clean!

Oh no! It’s noon and you just found out your guests will be arriving early. With no time to spare, you must get to...
polish cutleryvideo

12 Days of Clean: Shining Up Flatware & Glassware

Day 5 | Shining Up Flatware, Dinnerware and Glassware for the Holidays A huge part of the holiday experience is setting and dining at the...

12 Days of Clean: Cleaning Holiday Decor, Ornaments & Greenery

Day 4 | Clean Holiday Decorations With Holidays so close, our homes are undoubtedly filled with holiday decor (no matter what holiday or combination therein...
dispose of cooking greasevideo

12 Days of Clean: Safely Dispose of Cooking Grease

Day 3 | Safely Dispose of Cooking Grease I've heard that a plumber's rate triples on Holidays, and there's no surprise that clogged pipes occur...