7 Cool Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide!


We usually find Hydrogen Peroxide in the first aid aisle or in a first aid kit, but there are so many extra uses for hydrogen peroxide aside from taking care of wounds, scrapes and burns.

In this video, Melissa Maker shares 7 cool ways to use hydrogen peroxide around your home! The comment question is: What do you use hydrogen peroxide for?


  1. Hydrogen Peroxide come in various strengths ( I have both 1% and 3%) , You don’t say which strength you are suggesting. I am fairly certain that 1% is for first aid but which strength are you recommending for effective cleaning?

    • To clarify (I checked my bottles) I was wrong. The strengths that they come in are 3% and 10%, both are found side by side at the drugstore. Which strength are you using for cleaning? Thanks!

  2. Hard to respect what she immediately starts off saying that you can use it for cleaning wounds. DON”T DO THIS! Hydrogen peroxide can damage tissue, even healthy tissue, and delay healing. The bubbling you see has nothing to do with cleaning out the wound.

    • It really depends on the color/dyes used to color the fabric. I would definitely avoid using it on color loads to be safe. Thanks for watching!

  3. I never thought of hydrogen peroxide as a cleaner. I must try some of your suggestions ASAP! Thanks for the tips everyone

  4. I use a spray bottle of all hydrogen peroxide and one squirt of dawn dish soap as a carpet spot cleaner. It is amazing at getting out red wine stains and any others.

  5. I think H2O4 works miracles with pet stains. A cat peed on a futon mattress and a combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda took the smell out entirely! I used it on some other pee stains on white carpet, too.

  6. I LOVE hydrogen peroxide and I use it ALL the time. I love cleaning things like the kids lunch kits when I want to kill the germs, but not the kids! I also use it to clean my counters like you suggest, but I also use it in conjunction with vinegar. According to David Suzuki (and he wouldn’t lie to us!)

    “According to research published in Science News, this pairing is 10 times more effective than disinfecting with either substance alone and more effective than bleach in the kitchen.”

    Thanks for another awesome video!

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