5 Clever Cleaning Hacks!


Everyone loves life hacks (or cleaning hacks at least) because pretty much everyone I know wants to make their cleaning routines as easy as possible. So in this video, I am sharing a few of my favourite cleaning hacks (including some cool DIY tips):

– Using rice to clean vases / decanters
– Using aluminum foil to make ironing easier
– Using a pool noodle to keep your boots in shape
– Using a dryer sheet to clean baseboards
– Using a safety pin to remove static cling

Comment Questions:

Have you tried using a safety pin to beat static cling?
What’s your favourite cleaning hack?


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  1. For the lady with the lasagna pan mess. Pour a shot glass full of dawn dish washing liquid and fill the pan with hot hot water. Pour the dawn in there and kinda swish it around. Let soak for a couple of hours. Then wash right off. Dawn breaks up the stuck on gunk.

  2. To get the blue ring out of toilet bowl I use a half Dixie cup full of Bon Ami and toilet brush. My family finds the magic eraser trick too gross.

  3. I used sand in a stainless steel oil dispenser which smelt a little as I had not used it for sometime. Shaking dry sand in it got all the smell and the dispenser was all clean.

  4. Mother will use the filtered water out of the refriderator to fill up the kettle or coffee pot, or Keurig so the appliances don’t get calcium spots, thus requiring any cleaning hacks to take away the spots. She used to buy distilled water but that became costly.

  5. HELP! My husband roasted a turkey in my (never-used)BIG stainless steel roasting/lasagna pan. The juices have adhered like permanent glue! I need a real “how-to…”

    • Hi Shermie! Sorry to hear about your roasting pan! Here’s a quick how-to:
      Cover the whole pan in layers of baking soda and dish soap. Pour boiling water into the pan and let it soak. After soaking, usw a wooden spoon to scrape away the gunk. Hope that helps!

      • Story putting a brand new dryer sheet in the pan and pour boiling water over it ….leave overnight and you will be able to remove without any problems

  6. I use dryer sheets in pots and pans with caked on stuff – I fill the pan with warm soapy water and put in a clean dryer sheet – then squeeze it and let it soak while I do the rest of the dishes- by the time I’m ready to clean the dirty pot or pan, the caked on stuff easily comes away with a swipe of the sponge……

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