10 Ways to Save More & Waste Less


10 Ways to Save More & Waste Less!

Everyone LOVES saving money – and being able to create less waste is great too – so this week I’m sharing a few tips to help you save some money – and waste a little less in your home!

Reusable Bag System: http://amzn.to/2iVP9EL

Get More Life From Your Sponge
Do your sponges get funky quickly and then you throw them away? Instead, fill a bowl with a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar and pop it in the microwave for 5 minutes to disinfect it and prolong it’s use and effectiveness.

Pickle Juice Power
Don’t throw away that pickle juice – recycle it – it’s amazing as a meat tenderizer, a cleaner or even just to re-use to pickle other foods (eggs, cucumbers).

Re-use Jars
Instead of tossing empty food jars, breathe new life into them by cleaning them out and re-using them for leftover storage in the fridge and the freezer – you can also use empty jars for a whole host of storage ideas.

Re-Use Paper Towel
Here’s a handy life hack, did you know you that you can re-use paper towel? It’s true, a good quality paper towel can last up to 3-4 uses and you can also use paper towel for multiple purposes before tossing away.

Keep the Water Off
Turn off faucets while brushing your teeth or while you are cooking – anytime you are not using the water, keep it off.

Start a Bag System
Plastic bags are super wasteful – and many stores charge for them – we use a reusable bag system: BagPodz: http://amzn.to/2iVP9EL

Start Using Reusable Napkins
Paper towel gets expensive – paper napkins too – we’ve recently started using reusable napkins are they’re really handy and frankly, much nicer (and fancier) to use.

Switch to Digital Subscriptions
Newspapers and magazine now offer their content as digital subscriptions, which means you can reduce the amount of clutter in your home and actually get more content (videos, etc) – it’s also way easier to save content.

2 Degrees Cooler – 2 Degrees Hotter
It’s amazing the difference a degree makes – not really for your body – but certainly for your wallet.

Laundry: Wash in Cold & Hang to Dry
The dryer is a electricity hog and hanging your clothes gets the same results – additionally, cold water really does save a lot of energy.


While we are on the topic of laundry – I have a whole chapter dedicated to it in my new book Clean My Space – which is now available for pre-order at all fine retailers. This book is jam packed with cleaning tips and routines(!) and a whole bunch of great stuff!

Comment Question:

What do you do to save more and waste less in your home?

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  1. How can i clean my sponge if I don’t have a microwave? I am use a Skoy…can i just disinfect in the dishwasher? Thanks!

  2. We have a compost ‘pile,’ I recycle like crazy (my mother-in-law actually asked me about how I go about recycling certain things yesterday), I finally have a clothes line just outside our back entry (which is also our laundry area). I use cloths for cleaning instead of paper towel as often as possible, I make reusable disinfecting wipes (disinfecting solution poured into a glass jar that I saved over rags, then after they are used they get tossed in the laundry.)
    Just a few of the things we do to try to save more and waste less. 😊

  3. I soak the sponge in water and little clothe detergent (powder) then I bring to boil, for 5 min in a pot. You just have to rinse it up, and you get a clean sponge. The detergent gets out dirt and returns the color, and the boiling water disinfects it.

  4. I’m always cold, so leaving my oven door open after I remove the food is something I usually do to get some extra warmth!

    Thanks for all the neat tips-I’m always open to new suggestions (or reminders to use the ones I forgot about!)!

    Christel G.

  5. In the winter, After using my oven, I leave the door open and let the heat come out instead of wasting it inside the oven.

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