10 Bad Habits You Need to Break! (Cleaning Motivation for 2017)


Happy New Year Clean My Space Nation!

Rather than talking about New Years Resolutions I figured I would talk about some bad cleaning habits (myself included) and I’ll show you how to break them!

– Using too much cleaning product
– Moldy bathmats and shower curtains
– Using dirty cleaning tools (https://youtu.be/RjEes3PosPU)
– Disinfecting wipes
– Piling up damp towels & cloths
– Using bleach as a cleaner
– Leaving dirty dishes in the sink
– Holding on to old stuff
– Cluttered surfaces
– Using too much paper towel

Comment Question: What bad habit do you need to break?






  1. We don’t use bleach in our home because it is bad for septic systems! I do use the vinegar/water solution but I’d love a homemade cleaner that is good for greasy kitchen messes as well as for bathroom cleaning!

  2. My bad habit is resisting getting started. I put too much thought into HOW and HOW MUCH I’m going to do, but if I can just BEGIN then I’m fine and the job is over–unless it’s dusting: that sabotages my good mood every time.

    Thanks, Melissa. So proud that you are Canadian, making a splash in the big, wide world.

  3. I’m trying to figure out why my dishes don’t come out clean, particularly my utensils. I’ve started making sure the eating parts are facing up, although I can’t do anything about my knives. I’m not sure, but they may need to be hand-washed if I can’t figure out a solution to the soapy residue that remains on most of them. And my dishes often have marks on them or somehow didn’t get clean. I live in a hard-water area, in a studio apartment. What do you suggest I try?

  4. I hardly ever use bleach. If I use it, it’s in the toilet to disinfect. Infact, maybe I buy one gallon of bleach a year.

    I prefer ammonia. Ammonia takes out protein stains, doesn’t discolor anything and whatever I clean smells great after rinsed and clean.

    I say, go, Melissa, ‘tell those guys if they use a dirty mop, they’re just spreading ‘around dirt!!!!!

  5. Great video! When I got my HE washer, I learned the lesson of too much product actually trapping bacteria and making your washing machine seals/surfaces dirtier and super smelly. Some people toss the washers because they never get it clean and it smell like a babies diaper all the time. The bleach thing, I’ve almost stopped using bleach entirely because of the assault on my breathing, skin, drips on my clothing, and the towel industry says never to use bleach as it eats through the fabrics and ultimately ruins the towel. I only use it in the toilet now once in a while. I was raised in a household that used bleach on everything and have had to break that habit. General cleaning with your homemade solutions works super well I breathe so much better. Thank you Melissa!

  6. I am curious as to what kind of cleaner you were using in the spray bottles in your video. Was it a homemade solution and if so, do you share the recipe?

  7. I clean with bleach all the time and clean my dishes with bleach as well. But after this video im not uaing bleach anymore. Sometimes i just feel like all purpose cleaners dont clean ! If that makes sense at all. Great video im guilty 🤔

  8. I use bleach! I hate germs, and I know that bleach is one of the only things that kills viruses that cause stomach illness. I usually spray it on my toilet and kitchen sink a few times per week to disinfect, and then clean them separately as well.

  9. Hi, great video! 👍🏼 so my guess is you do not use bleach because of the toxic chemicals? What about the candles you are burning on the mantle? Those a very toxic, please read up on that. Just concerned for your breathing environment too!

  10. I’d like an answer to a question that my husband and I discuss all the time. If a manufacturer of laundry product says to use a full cup of whatever, is a whole cup really necessary or are they just selling more product? We are reminded of the old “rinse and repeat” printed on shampoo bottles when it was found that your hair was clean the first time and the second was just to make you buy more shampoo faster. Your comment about piling excessive detergents on top of dirty laundry, is a common debate between us.

    • Cup and scoop are sort of the same thing in the laundry detergent world. Using the cap is a good place holder for an actual measuring cup. You probably don’t need so much detergent. I’d suggest experimenting a little to see how much works best for your washing machine since that can play a huge role in how much you need for each load. Thanks for your comment!

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