General Home Cleaning

This is great general housekeeping advice that friends pass along to one another. Just general, good-to-know stuff about keeping house.

12 Ways to Get Rid of Ants!

If ants are a problem in your home, there are both lethal and non-lethal ways to get rid of them.

Make Your Home Smell Amazing

You don't deserve to live in a home that doesn't smell amazing.

The 7 Habits of Highly Clean People: Cleaning Tips

Have I made cleaning and organizing my business (literally) for over a decade? Yes. Do I love spending my day cleaning? No! I use...

Biokleen: An Unbiased Review (Deep Clean)

We're going deep on the company behind one of my favorite enzyme cleaners: Biokleen. 

Potty Training Tips and Clean Up: 3 Easy Steps

Potty training is a big milestone for little ones and parents and cleaning the potty chair is a daily must.

How Can You Improve Indoor Air Quality: 6 Tips

How clean is the air in your home? I bet it could be better. Let me tell you how to improve indoor air quality.

Best Lunch Containers for Adults and Kids Plus Cleaning Tips

Keeping in mind portability and storage, I’ve parsed through everything and picked out the very best lunch solutions just for you!

Washing Pillows: Professional Secrets for Fluffy Pillows

Have you noticed your once-fluffy pillows getting lumpy, heavy, and just feeling, well, not so great anymore? Your fluffy pillow is like a sponge....

Bathroom Cleaning: 10 Things to Clean Besides the Obvious

There are a few areas of the bathroom that you should be regularly cleaning, that you probably aren't. Lets talk about the less obvious.

4 Easy Hacks for Clean, Fresh Bath Towels

Over time towels can get stinky and scratchy, but I'm going to tell you how to make towels look, feel and smell great.

DIY Floor Cleaners (Hardwood, Laminate, & Vinyl)

Can I tell you one of the hardest things to keep up with? One of the things Chad and I are constantly cleaning? The floors. They're...

6 Simple Ways To Reduce Waste (and SAVE $$!)

We've always been big on reducing the amount of waste that our household generates over here at the Clean My Space HQ. Over the...

10 Ways to Clean Using Hydrogen Peroxide

In many homes—I can't say all or most, but in many homes—there is at least one bottle of hydrogen peroxide. It always comes in...

We Cleaned Up Nice This Year: The Best COVID-19 Cleaning Tips...

Look back on the genius and creative cleaning hacks we whipped up for you in 2020.

10 Areas You’re Overlooking in Your Holiday Cleaning

The holidays are upon us, and while festive parties and family dinners are still an unknown, one thing is for certain: dirt waits for...

Elevated Essentials – 25 Holiday Gift Ideas for 2020

Doing the 2020 gift guide has been such a welcome project this year for me. Without getting into the gory details, let’s just say...