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Back To School Tips

Get Your Home Back-To-School Ready

Tips for getting your home cleaned, organized, and ready for back-to-school.

Everything You Need to Know About Lunch Containers

Keeping in mind portability and storage, I’ve parsed through everything and picked out the very best lunch solutions just for you!

Desk Organization, Locker Deodorizer & Clean A Travel Mug!

As the first day back gets closer, we've decided to share a few more back to school cleaning tips with all of you. Desk Cleaning...

How to Clean a Backpack & Lunchbag!

Back in my school days, the end of August brought me bittersweet feelings. You see, summer has always been my absolute favorite time of...

How To Get Your Family To Clean!

Living in a family is warm and fuzzy. But, let's be honest, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. One of the...

How to Clean A Baseball Cap!

Baseball Caps. Most guys wear them. Most guys sweat in them.  Most guys never clean them. Ok, girls wear them too and probably don't clean them...

Getting Your Kids to Clean!

Cleaning doesn't really come naturally for kids, does it? It sure didn't for me.  So it's no surprise that we get asked about the best ways...

Want Your Little Girl to be a Success?

When I see a young girl at play, I remember how fun and freeing that experience was for me. The world is hers -...

The Busy Mom’s Car Cleaning Routine

Between working, driving the kids to school and after-school activities, making lunches and dinners and keeping the house tidy – moms do it all. I’m...

Cleaning Routines

6 Simple Ways To Reduce Waste (and SAVE $$!)

We've always been big on reducing the amount of waste that our household generates over here at the Clean My Space HQ. Over the...

How to Sanitize Your At-Home Workout Gear

Like many of you, it’s taking a lot more motivation than usual to get my butt in the (home) gym. It’s cold, it’s dark,...

7 Cleaning Habits I Learned From My Mom!

Many of our habits are formed at a very young age—and that goes for cleaning habits as well—which is why so many parents want...

5 Things You Should Be Cleaning (But Probably Aren’t)

There are so many things in your house to keep track of. Honestly, who has time for it? Life is busy. But these things...

6 Cleaning Habits I learned in Isolation

The world's a little upside down right now. We all find ourselves searching for some sort of comfort while we navigate the landscape of...

Cleaning Expert Debunks Popular Cleaning Myths

It's easy to put out an article about cleaning tips and tricks online. Why? Because, who's vetting it? Nobody! Here at Clean My Space,...

7 Habits to Keep Your Work Space Organized & Clean!

Growing up, I had the messiest desk in my classroom. If you're old enough, you may remember those clunky wooden desks with the hollow...

Top 10 Rules For A Cleaner Home in 2020

With a new year comes the whole "new year, new you" theme that drives everyone a little crazy. We do all of this stuff...

7 Secrets of Professional Cleaners

You know when you have access to insider information you would only get if you knew someone who was in the know? Well, I...


Biokleen: An Unbiased Review (Deep Clean)

We're going deep on the company behind one of my favorite enzyme cleaners: Biokleen. 

How to Clean a Toddler Potty Chair

Potty training is a big milestone for little ones and parents and cleaning the potty chair is a daily must.

10 Ways to Clean Using Hydrogen Peroxide

In many homes—I can't say all or most, but in many homes—there is at least one bottle of hydrogen peroxide. It always comes in...

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