10 Useful Food Storage Tips! Stop Wasting $$$

We're sharing 10 useful food storage tips which can save you money and extend the life of the food yin your home! The average family...

Clean With Me: Bedroom Routine!

Here's the vacuum I was using: A clean bedroom is more important than you might think - it helps you sleep better, reduces stress...

Amazon Haul! Cool Cleaning & Organizing Products!

Amazon Links for the cleaning and organizing products featured in this video: Cable Clips: Triluc Place & Stick Carpet Tiles: Casabella Microfibre Duster: Berkley Water Filter: Winix Air Filter...

Cheap DIY Cleaning Kit!

Here's a super effective and easy-to-assemble DIY cleaning kit that features some of Melissa's favourite cleaning products which are not only natural, but tough...


clean a mirrorvideo

The Secret to a Streak-Free Mirror

A streaky mirror is not a clean mirror, despite the number of times you've tried cleaning it. Streaks are frustrating, unsightly and off-putting.  We all...
clean a hair brushvideo

How to Clean your Hair Brushes

Hair Brushes. If you are like me, you have tons. I'm pretty into my hair. I have used my brushes for years and admittedly have not really...
clean with toothpaste

Cleaning With Toothpaste!

I've recently discovered that toothpaste - ideally the non-gel type, and with baking soda - is a super duper cleaning product! Why It Works It's got...

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10 Useful Food Storage Tips! Stop Wasting $$$

We're sharing 10 useful food storage tips which can save you money and extend the life of the food yin your home! The average family...

4 Dishwasher Disasters & How to Avoid Them!

Subscribe for a Cleaner Life! Ever wonder "Why is my dishwasher making my dishes dirtier then when I put them in there?" In this...
dirty countervideo

How I Clean My Kitchen

Want to know the secret to cleaning a kitchen? Me too. What I've learned over the years is that cleaning a kitchen thoroughly can be done...



Makeup Brush Cleaner – Day 1 – 31 Days of DIY Cleaners

Cleaning your makeup brushes very regularly is a great way to keep your brushes lasting longer, your...
tin foil hacksvideo

Aluminum Foil Hacks

Whether you call it tin foil or aluminum foil, it is for more than just...
small spaces cleaning routinevideo

Small Spaces: Weekly Cleaning Routine!

Routines, routines. It is one of THE most requested things we get asked about.  And...

Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner – Day 3 – 31 Days of DIY Cleaners

Ack!  The household pet did it again.  Pet stains should be blotted up with paper...
lint rollervideo

19 Great Uses for a Lint Roller!

Lint rollers offer more than what meets the eye. What have you missed?  Don't they just...


Clean Your Make-up Brushes!

Cleaning expert Melissa Maker shows us how to clean makeup brushes using simple ingredients you may have around the house! Makeup brush cleansers are expensive...


jonathan scott interviewvideo

Jonathan Scott Interview: Celebrity Cleaning Confessions!

I had the good fortune of meeting one of the famed property brothers, Jonathan Scott! A few things you need to know about him: He’s super...


silver tarnish removervideo

The Best-Kept Silver Cleaning Secret Ever!

Sad Lookin' Silver We all have that tangled lump of silver jewelry sitting in a drawer, basket or box somewhere.  I recently came across mine and...
clean a keurigvideo

Clean a Keurig Coffee Maker!

Your coffeemaker.  It used to be a honkin', fandangled-looking thing that required a lot of added effort and dexterity at ungodly morning hours to produce...

Clean Your Pillows!

Pillow talk.. usually sexy and almost never about how clean or dirty your pillows actually are.  I've investigated the situation and demonstrate the proper way...