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Clean A Blender in 1 Minute!

Regardless of the type of blender you may have, cleaning it is usually pretty quick and easy and this video shows you how to...

Do FEWER Dishes!

Doing dishes is one of those jobs that must get done, even when it's the last thing we want to do. I think it’s...
Stay Clean While Cookingvideo

How To Keep the Kitchen Clean While Cooking!

Imagine for a second here, that after cooking up a feast, you could leave your kitchen cleaner than what you started with. No, I’m not talking about...

10 Useful Food Storage Tips! Stop Wasting $$$

Did you know that the average American household throws out about 25% of all food and beverages that it purchases? While that may not...
dirty countervideo

How I Clean My Kitchen

Want to know the secret to cleaning a kitchen? Me too. What I've learned over the years is that cleaning a kitchen thoroughly can be done...
clean burnt potsvideo

Clean Food Off A Burnt Pot Or Pan!

Melissa Maker shows us a quick way to clean off burnt food from pots and pans.. Tamara asked: What’s the quickest way to clean uber dirty...