The Sticker Removal Challenge!

So, according to the internet, there are like a million different home remedies to remove price stickers (price tags) from glassware.  So, I investigated three of them to see which one really works the best.

1) Vinegar (soak sticker with vinegar, leave for 5 minutes, rub off with cloth)

2) Peanut Butter (spread peanut butter on sticker, leave for 5 minutes, peel off)

3) Hair Dryer (apply heat to sticker ‘area’ for 1 minute, let the glass slightly cool, and peel sticker off)

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Now, you can try these at home, but my results were:

1) Hair dryer worked really well – the stickers came right off. just be careful because the glass gets super hot.

2) Vinegar works great too, requires a bit more work.  If it dries out or gets flakey, just re-apply the vinegar and you’ll see how easy it comes off.

3 ) Peanut butter, while the method eventually worked, it was messy and a time waster, and also required a grand clean up scheme.  Not worth it.

There are tons of ways to remove a sticker – how do you like to remove stickers?

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  1. I like to use orange essential oil (probably any citrus will work). I put a drop or two on the sticker, wipe around the sticker and let it saturate through the sticker well, then scrape it off with my fingernail or a knife depending on the size of the sticker. Any residue is usually pretty well saturated with the EO so a paper towel wipes it off easily then wash as recommended.

  2. Heat gun. Use a tooth brush or butter knife to remove (to avoid frying fingers on the hot glass) this works on windows and doors too.

  3. Thieves blend essential oil (clove, cinnamon, lemon, rosemary, lavender or tea tree blended) –mix it into some cooking oil, whatever’s on hand, and smooth it on, and it will rub away. If it’s really stubborn, put it straight on a piece of paper towel, cover the sticky grossness with it for about 30 seconds, and it will wipe away. Then you can just wash normally with dish soap or pop it in the dishwasher.

  4. Most adhesives, while not responsive or minimally responsive to water, can be broken down with solvents.Organic compounds such as acetone (the primary ingredient in nail polish remover) break down the bonds in self-adhesive stickers easily, but may damage plastics.

    Most of these stickers are, however, protein-derived in their adhesive qualities. So a good soak will do the trick.

    For speedier removal, try an orange peel. Things like goo-gone work through concentrates of citrus oils. Not sure about the exact science, but it has something to do with emulsifying the adhesive, which can then be washed off.

    So, the rundown:

    Glass and metal (not copper and DEFINITELY not silver): Nail polish remover.
    Plastic: Scrub with a citrus peel, or soak in hot water

  5. What to use for stickers on plastic? I’ve tried it with nailpolish remover, but the plastic got cloudy and all messed up 🙁

  6. I always use WD-40 as well. It is really great for removing the glue left behind on plastic containers and spray bottles after you get the labels off too.

  7. I tried the peanut butter and it didn’t work for me, tried elbow grease and detergent that didn’t work either so I gave WD 40 a shot and it works great! But I use it just for the hard core stickers, that were really sticky.


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