The Stick Vacuum Obsession Continues with My Dyson V10 Absolute!

Full disclosure: we have been long time Dyson owners. Our first one came into our lives on Boxing Day 2010, three days after Malee (our Siamese Himilayan cat) did. We ran to Best Buy to nab our Dyson because the central vacuum installed in our home couldn’t stand up to a 5 pound kitten.

Fast forward 8 years, one more cat and one baby later. The cleaning needs in our home have been ever-evolving. What we have found is that while the larger canister vacuum works for bigger cleans (you should see how much cat hair comes out of our carpets and upholstery), the stick vacuum is what we turn to for quick in-between cleans. In fact, some stick vacs are so good these days, they are actually replacing traditional canister and upright vacuums in homes. I have long preferred the stick vac, since I openly share my disdain for vacuuming; it’s my least favourite chore.

Ah, the stick vacuum. What an invention. Back when I was growing up, we had a trusty, 2-tone dust buster – and that thing got USED! My parents based my allowance earnings on chores I did around the house. I liked earning money so I sucked it up (yes, vacuum humour). I always found a use for it – underneath the sofa cushions, the stairs, cleaning up spilled snacks in my bedroom, etc. The design meant the user had to bend down to use it (ouch!), it had a microscopic collection bag, it didn’t have great suction and featured exactly zero attachments. For the 80s and early 90s it was hot times, but for the 2010s and beyond, it’d be considered a relic. If the stick vacuum is the smartphone of vacuums, the Dust Buster would be the 80’s blocky car phone of vacuums.

Just like all technology the first iteration is ground-breaking, but laughable just a few years later (think about your first cell phone). I remember our first stick vacuum; it seemed convenient, yet one charge lasted exactly 6 minutes! While the concept was amazing, the practicality wasn’t. Those 6 glorious minutes where I could vacuum without being encumbered by a bulky upright or ever-tangled canister were something special. Inevitably, the clock would strike 6 minutes and the vacuum battery would turn into a pumpkin, I’d lose a shoe…you know the story.

We just got our hands on a Dyson V10 and this is very exciting for us. We had the V6, the V8 and each model got progressively better. The Dyson V10 Absolute is by far the best yet! I admire Dyson for their innovation; I’m over here trying to figure out how to get a onsie on Riley faster, and Dyson and Co. are trying to figure out how to make a lightweight, cordless vacuum have just as much (if not more) suction than a corded, full-sized vacuum. Some key changes to this model include a better motor – the digital motor V10 – meaning even stronger suction, and fade-free power for up to 60 minutes (yeah, it’s come a long way!). They’ve also redesigned it – previous iterations had an ‘L’ shaped canister body, this redesign is streamlined to an in-line configuration so that air is drawn right into those cyclones (14 of them!) offering up 20% more suction power than the Dyson V8. WOW. We vacuumed our front room upholstery, carpet and that velvet chair and I can say with certainty, a stuffed animal sized lint ball came out of that canister.

We are going to dock it in our basement by our laundry pair. I like that you can also dock the tools – it keeps everything together, organised and out of the way. We’ve got the same old messes as before, mostly caused by the cats (our velvet side chair has a magic ability to collect triple the amount of cat hair than any other furniture in the house), but I still want to keep the house looking somewhat presentable. Of course, cleaning is even harder to stay on top of with the added element of baby everything (I’m looking at you, diapers, laundry and toys) so having the right tools that make cleaning quick, convenient and easier is very important to me.

I picked my Dyson V10 up at Best Buy – it’s also available online at Totally worth it!


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  1. Another design upgrade in Cyclone V10 vacuum cleaner is that it uses point-and-shoot mechanism to empty the bin. This not only makes cleaning the vacuum cleaner easy but it also prevents you from getting dirty after the cleaning is over, which by all means is a great feature to have on board.

  2. I just got the V10 Dyson Motor head stick vac. I love it. We just have an area rug and the rest of our apartment is tile. I strongly dislike sweeping just like you dislike vacuuming. Now I don’t have to sweep anymore. I was wondering how you like the soft roller cleaner head, mini soft dusting brush, and the mini-motorized tool. I am hoping to buy them when I am able to. I was only able to afford the most basic V10 for now.

  3. I’ve had a Dyson upright ball vacuum for probably 10 years, and it’s phenomenal for cleaning…but it’s so bulky and heavy and challenging to use in some of the smaller rooms in our very small house. I have been looking at the Dyson stick vacuums, but just put in a carpet runner on our stairs, and we were warned when we purchased it, not to use a Dyson on it, or they wouldn’t guarantee the carpet. I understand that they’re just covering themselves, and you seem to be using the Dyson with no issues, so I wondered your thoughts on if the Dyson can damage carpeting.

    • We haven’t had any issues with our Dyson and any rugs or carpet, but I would also listen to the manufacturer, as there may be a reason they do not recommend using it. That being said the suction on the stick vacuum may not be as strong as the upright you currently have. I would use your own discretion. Hope that helps 🙂


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