Going to IKEA is always a good time, and recently we did another shopping trip there.  It didn’t start out as a shopping trip, it started out as something to do on a cold night to get the legs moving and the heart pumping, but it quickly turned into a very fruitful haul. There are so many useful items to be had in every department at IKEA, but we found seven we absolutely loved and had to share with all of you.

  1. FYLLEN – This compact hamper can be seen across the nation in dorm rooms near and far, but my mom came up with a genius way to use this handy guy – simply line it with a garbage or recycling bag and it’s instantly a trash receptacle. You can easily store it away when it’s not being used then bring it out when company is over to make clean-up a breeze.
  2. RASKOG – Like many of you, we try to keep our odds and ends contained but it isn’t always easy. The Raskog, a three binned cart, makes organization much easier and more attractive. There are tons of uses for this cart, but we have chosen to use it in our family room to store magazines and were even able to adjust the height of the bins to store some bottles to create a mini bar cart. There are tons of uses for this fellow and if you’d like to see more then stayed tuned because some other ideas may just be coming your way…
  3.  STUGVIK – Keeping things organized and within arms reach in the shower is sometimes difficult, which is why the Stugvik basket is so great. This little shower caddy comes with two suction cups so you can set it at any height that works for you then just fill it with your regular shower items and you are good to go! It also has great drainage on the bottom so you don’t need to worry about water pooling in there and creating nasty mold and mildew.
  4. TANDA – Do you ever return home to a dark, unwelcoming house? Well Tanda is here to solve that problem! Plug any lamp into this handy timer, set it and then next time you are home after dark you will be welcomed into a nice, bright room!
  5. SORTERA – We know that just like us you have an area of the house that could use some organizing. The Sortera is here to do just that. These clean, stackable bins can be used in any number of ways – laundry, closets, arts and crafts – you name it! They are easily labelled and come with a lid that’s easy to open, so anyone in your family can use it.
  6. HUMLARE – If you’ve watched our latest videos you are sure to know that we just cleaned out our closet and we have been trying our hardest to keep it in tip-top shape, so when Chad’s laundry hamper broke we knew we had to replace it ASAP. In came Humlare! This brightly coloured hamper is more than just a pretty bag to throw our smelly clothes into, it comes with two straps so you can carry it on your back! Whether you are walking to the laundromat or downstairs to the laundry room this hamper makes the task that much easier.
  7. PLUGGIS – If you are short on counter space, just like Chad is in his washroom, then this system is your answer. These little baskets can easily be hung on the wall to free up the counter and neatly organize all your toiletries and grooming essentials. They come with four containers – two small ones, a large one and an oblong one, giving you room for everything that’s taking up your space.

That’s it for this haul. Do you have any items from IKEA that you cannot live without? Tell us about them and let us know if you pick-up any of the ones we mentioned.

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  1. Hi Melissa, thank you for having these articles. And I think it would be great if there are pictures of the products for articles like this so that I can instantly know which products you are referring to. Thanks again!

  2. I use the Raskog cart in our summer cottage to store kettles and their lids. Very convenient in a small place. By the way the “tända” is being pronounced in Swedish as number “10” at the beginning of the word and a short “da” at the end. The letter Ä we just call an a with two dots and in Finnish it’s being pronounced as in the word “mad” or “sad”. Since you asked…????

  3. I bake a lot so I use the Raskog cart as a baking station in my tiny kitchen, it actually lives under the bar and houses my cookie cutters and cupcake decorating supplies. I use the Sortera as a recycle bin, it is super easy to clean too.

  4. Right now I use the Raskog cart in my bathroom due to limited cupboard space.Hair and makeup stuff that I use regularly is on top in two plastic baskets, the middle shelf also has two baskets – one for extra products and one for things like nail clippers, and the bottom shelf has epsom salts, spare TP and spare Kleenex. Best part is that it is so easy to move to clean under it. In my previous apartment, I tucked it into an available corner in the kitchen and used it for cat food, misc canned/boxed food items, and cleaning products on the bottom.


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