Behind The Scenes at Clean My Space

Finally!  Behind the scenes and husband intro at Clean My Space HQ!

We said we would do it when we hit 10,000 subscribers, and it only took another 10,000 subs for us to get around to filming the video!

So I know I talked about it when we hit 10,000 subscribers back in December.  And finally, we got this video together for you.  We’ll tour you around our whole house, show you the video making process, as well as what our white screen set looks like.  We also review our equipment, in case you are interested in setting up your own white screen.  We use lots of fluorescent clamp lights in the back (7), from Home Depot, 2 fluorescent box lights in the front, a Canon T3i for our B roll and secondary footage (fun fact: the T3i was a wedding gift from my sister!) and  a Canon 5D Mark II camera for our main footage.  On top of the camera you can see the Sennheiser mic receiver on top of the T31, and I wear the associated Sennheiser lavalier omnidirectional mic, which you’ll often see clipped to my shirt.  I wear the pack in my back pocket.

We also have a laptop set up to our camera so that we can see how the footage looks on a larger screen.  It’s a simple piece of software that came with the camera and requires a USB cable to attach the camera to the laptop, it’s a really sweet setup and would be great for someone who is shooting their own videos.

Our white screen is simple white paper which we bought at a camera shop, and we have pinned it to a wall in our basement with thumbtacks.

The table we use is a simple table we got at IKEA.

We have a lot of fun putting the video together – we hope you have enjoyed watching this video!


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  1. Melissa. I always go to your videos when I am trying to clean something the best way. Quick question. Way type of mop would you suggest to use on hardwood floors? Where can I purchase it? Thank you and keep up the awesome work.

  2. Melissa! I had a great time to wach your video!First, you have shown something what I never know.It is a great and natural video. Great Mom have a great daughter! Congratulation to you both!


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