My Thoughts: Vileda Pro Mist


Full disclosure – I am not a fan of Swiffer-style products, no matter what brand they are.  I have given all flat head, microfiber mops a fair trial and have not been impressed with the results.  But, when I saw the Pro Mist, I thought it would change that opinion.

I bought one and took it home, vacuumed the floors and got my bottle ready.  The Pro Mist comes with a re-usable microfiber pad, a disposable pad for nasty clean up jobs, a refillable bottle which allows you to put any cleaning solution you want into it, and a trigger handle and mop stick with adhesive back to hold onto the pad. Smart, the design makes sense.

So, I got everything assembled and started to mop around the tile and hardwood in my house.  I consider myself to be an expert user of these products and I am confident I was using it correctly.  I like the fact that it’s environmentally friendly (refillable bottle, washable mop head) and quite durable, but that’s about all I like about it.   My issues were that the microfiber pad left streaks behind and didn’t absorb as much water as I would have wanted it to (of course to avoid damaging the floors), and the trigger was really tight, meaning my hand got tired quite quickly.  The spray trajectory went all over the place and sprayed areas that I had already cleaned, thus leaving spatter marks on the floor.

I think Vileda is a brilliant company and I can’t blame them for attempting to enter this market.  I also don’t think it’s their fault, I just think they are following suit.  However, I don’t like this product and would not really recommend it to anyone.  But then again, I am not a fan of flat head mops in general.

So, I’d give this product 3 STARS out of 5.  I like the environmentally-friendly aspect, the product seems durable, but I didn’t think it was a great performer and I would not personally recommend it – but as I said, if you like that kind of mop this is a good choice given what’s out there.

Vileda Pro Mist Review

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