COTW: A little help from her friends..


We love working with all of our clients, but feel touched when a friend or family member invites us over to do a cleaning for them.

This week, a client of ours is also a friend of my fiance, whose elder mother moved into a condo (and out of a retirement home). The unit is a gorgeous suite right in the heart of Bloor West Village. Two of our CSs headed over to perform a 101 «point Checklist service, using our chemical free products and making sure the space is clean and ready for her to comfortably move into and feel right at home.

Her particular request was to make sure the hardwood floors were not slippery (an issue created when an oily or waxy silicone-based floor product is used. This is no sweat for the team, and we don’t carry a product like that anyway.

The job took just under 5 hours to complete and is a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom modern space with large windows and hardwood floors. Although the unit was much cleaner that what we normally walk into, this was a great example of why we come in regardless of the shape of the space. People want their new home to feel like theirs, so every speck of dust, hair and footprint needs to be gone before they can comfortably settle in.
We know she will love her new home and are happy we were able to help her move in quickly and comfortably!

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